Why Skin Solutions UK? 

I changed my life with a common sense approach to managing my Atopic Eczema and I want to enable others to do the same.

Skin Solutions UK has evolved from my own misery of having had very painful, embarrassing, itching, broken, sometimes bleeding Atopic Eczema. I suffered from eczema as a small child and from it first appearing on my feet, it moved up my body onto my neck, face, ears and for the longest part of my adult life it remained on my hands. As a child I regularly attended a dermatology clinic and had, over many years been prescribed Steroid creams by various Doctors. This medication thinned the skin on my hands and only ever lead to short spells of relief, before the symptoms returned.

Dealing with Atopic Eczema was particularly difficult for me when teaching in a Secondary School Art Department. My specialism was Ceramics and demonstrating with such sore hands was not only embarrassing but also really painful and in the end I could not continue to use these materials and re-trained as a Dyslexia Specialist.

My own personal solution and relief came in 2003. I stumbled across a magazine article about toothpaste, (‘Do you clean your teeth? It could be harming your health’, by John Lovesay, MNFSH CEng FIStructE, Healing Today- May 2003).The article highlighted the different chemicals that are commonly used in toiletries and household products and the negative effect they could have on individuals. This was a little ‘Eureka’ moment. I checked out the ingredients in the soap and shampoos that I used daily. I was horrified to see that they contained either Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and/or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) which were listed in Mr Lovesay’s article. Shortly after further research, I decided to replace my regular soap with a chemical free, unfragranced , pure goat’s milk soap. The difference in the skin on my hands, within a day was genuinely remarkable and the skin on my hands visibly improved.

I researched washing powder ingredients and also realised that I was washing my towels in harsh detergents and whilst drying my hands with the towel, I was again bringing my hands into contact with chemicals. I changed to a gentler product and did not use any fabric softener. I have not looked back. I continue to avoid all products that contain harsh chemicals and I use nitrile gloves to protect my hands when washing up or cleaning my home. These basic changes have been so easy to implement and without them I would just be another eczema statistic.

I designed this website to help you to understand that by making some simple changes to your daily life-style, irritating dry skin, dermatitis or eczema could become a thing of the past for you too.

Skin Solutions UK has been created to offer customers a range of products that are specifically created for individuals who have skin concerns and wish to overcome them.


Claire Evans

Founder, Skin Solutions UK