Getting in the habit

On facebook yesterday we shared the un-wrapping  of our Eco Egg delivery and this morning we said that our blog today would benefit gardeners with eczema,dermatitis or dry itchy skin.

If you have, had or know someone with eczema, dermatitis or dry itchy skin on the hands, then you will know how difficult it seems to manage it. A Sunday phone call catch-up with my younger Sister (Little Sis) resulted in a conversation enquiring about the launch of Skin Solutions UK. The conversation went something along these lines and resulted in the content of this blog.

Little Sis: ‘Have one of the team to take photographs to show people what your hands are like when you have a flare-up’

Big Sis (Me): ’ I don’t get flare- ups anymore.’

Little Sis: ‘Do you have any creams from the Doctor’

Big Sis: ‘Nope’

Little Sis: ‘I forgot you use those gloves a lot.’

Big Sis:  ‘What gloves?’

Little Sis: ‘The purple ones, you’re in the habit that you forget that you use them loads. Show people what you use them for.’

Big Sis: ’OK will do.’

So here is a photograph of my hands showing you that my skin is remarkable and so far removed from the skin that you would have seen in 2002/3 (please read the ‘About’ section on the Skin Solutions UK site to find out more).

It is really simple to keep this way and I am in the habit of:

  1. Using products that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate, (please see our home page eczema or dermatitis section to find out more about these two chemicals).
  2. Washing my towels in chemical free laundry cleaner i.e. Eco Egg fragrance free Laundry egg.
  3. Using Purple Nitrile-Xtra gloves to protect my hands.

It is as simple as that for me and will be for a lot of others as well. It is really important that you give consideration to your diet, as for some there is a correlation between dairy products and foods that are members of the Nightshade family resulting in skin issues.

We are expecting our delivery of Purple Nitrile-Xtra gloves tomorrow. We’ll share  more pictures of how useful they are to protect your hands when gardening,painting or just for day to day household chores.


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